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In 1939 Alois Ruf, founded ‘Auto Ruf’ as a general automotive and mechanical repair shop in Pfaffenhausen’s Mindelheimer Strasse where it is still located. RUF became representative for BMW in 1963, also in that same year RUF serviced its first Porsche 356. In 1974 Alois Ruf, Jr. took the reins of company after his fathers death. In 1975 he built a 911 Carrera RS 3.0 to his own design.


RUF presented its first modified 911 Turbo with a 3.3litre (0.3 litre more) engine and 303hp (43hp more than stock).


RUF presented the 911 SCR, more powerful naturally aspirated 911 with 37hp increased power (217hp) and weight-optimizaton. 911 SCR was as fast as 930 Turbo.


RUF offered Turbo bodied 911 SCR  Targa.


RUF was certified as an automobile manufacturer.


First RUF chassis number carrying car was unveiled RUF BTR with 3.4 litre RUF Turbo engine that outputs 374hp,and carries RUF developed 5 speed manual transmission.


Run-flat capability was developed with Dunlop for 17 inch wheels.


RUF CTR with 3.4litre twin turbo engine and 469hp set new benchmarks for street-legal sports cars.With 213mph top speed it was faster than Ferrari F40. DOT approved RUF as auto manufacturer.


Single turbo BTR 3 and CTR was equipped with 6 speed manual transmission.


RUF BR based on 964 Turbo 2, developed 360hp (40hp more than stock)


RUF reported of EKS electronic clutch system with Sachs. EKS was preventing over-revving of engine in the event of missed gear.


BTR 3.8 with 415hp output and RCT with 370hp output was introduced


BTR 2 with 3.6 litre turbocharged engine and 964 rear spoiler was introduced.


993 based CTR 2 was introduced as successor to the CTR Yellow Bird. With carbon brake system and 19-inch wheels and 211mph top speed (520hp engine) CTR 2 was the followed by a lightweight version RUF CTR 2 Sport. RUF Turbo R was offered with a 490hp twin turbo engine.


First water cooled RUF 3400s, based on Boxster was introduced at the Essen Motor Show.RUF 3400S had 3.4 litre 310hp Carrera Engine.


RUF RGT with 385hp (25hp more than 996 GT3 ) was introduced for the Porsche customers that missed the opportunity of getting 996 911 GT3. Even though 996 GT3 was not road legal in US, RGT was approved to sale in US.


RUF R Turbo, with 520hp output,either all wheel drive or rear wheel drive was introduced. RUF also gave opportunity to its customers choosing between narrow Carrera body or widebody Turbo.RUF Turbo R was also offered in Cabriolet form even though Porsche did not offer Cabriolet Turbo until 2003.


Improved model of 3400s, 3600S was introduced which was based on Boxster platform featuring 325hp/345hp with top speed of 173mph.

RUF Turbo R tweaked to 550hp with 218mph top speed, was declared as the fastest ever street legal 911 to the date by Auto Motor und Sport at Nardo, Italy.